There’s history in what we do…

We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings in landscaping and horticulture, through Avian Flu outbreaks and our unique Pine Beetle Treatment to our current industry leading disinfection technologies.  TechMist™ has a long history of defending our customers against anything from pests to pathogens and from pine bugs to pythium.  Not bad for just 14 years…

In fact if you go even further back in time you’ll find that the origin of our defence treatments lies in the work of a 17th Century Dutch military engineer, Menno Van Coehoorn.  TechMist™ President and founder Menno Koehoorn is a great, great, great, great grandson of the Dutch Baron, who not only invented the Coehoorn mortar but was also responsible for a number of influential weaponry innovations in siege warfare and fortification techniques.

We’d like to think we’re carrying on this tradition when we provide your business with the most innovative and impenetrable defence systems in the industry.

You can view our timeline by clicking the graphic below or read more about Menno Van Coehoorn on his Wikipedia page.



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