SPARC™ is our patented disinfection system

A Revolution in Disinfection

TechMist SPARC™ is a highly reactive gas-based system that provides unprecedented levels of disinfection for a multitude of different applications. The patent pending, chemical free process will disinfect an entire greenhouse, and related buildings, in a single overnight treatment.

TechMist SPARC™ is over 30,000 times more powerful than commercial bleach solution whilst being 100% environmentally neutral. This means we can provide an incredible level of disinfection overnight without harming your greenhouse or your workers.


  • More effective than sprays or fogging
  • No chemicals
  • No side effects or residue for workers
  • Reduced downtime
  • Controls greenhouse diseases
  • Monitored disinfection
  • Resume work in a fresh environment in the morning

How it Works

  • Gas is injected into empty greenhouse
  • Complete coverage, fills a room
  • Performed in the evening
  • No workers required or present
  • Covers all surfaces
  • Gets “inside” pipes, undersides, tight spaces
  • Natural disinfectant
  • Decomposes naturally to H2O, O2 and CO2
  • Very short half life
  • Regarded as safe for Food Production, CFIA, USDA, FDA
  • Zero environmental footprint
  • Classified for organic use by CFIA and FDA

TechMist SPARC™ not only removes organic material, it also oxidizes residual adjuvants and pesticides from around your greenhouse which increases the efficacy of your biological controls. Furthermore, being gas-based it covers 100% of exposed surfaces, getting inside pipes and tight spaces that ordinary cleaning protocols will miss. This means that you can rest assured that you are going back into a completely fresh environment for your next growing season.

In order to track the effectiveness of SPARC™ and ensure maximum reliability for our customers, we have developed a state of the art GPS monitoring system. By placing our wireless monitors at strategic points in your buildings we can 'live trace' the data back at our HQ and provide a comprehensive report of the treatment. This gives us a complete picture of what happened during the disinfection and ensures our customers receive peace of mind for a job well done.